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23/12/2005 - 31/12/2005
One year on and I haven't broken the camera yet! So you lucky viewer get to see some more of the North of England with me and my aluminium steed, and then Spud & Bill visiting for new years eve.

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A solitary sheep enjoys the afternoon sunshine (like me).
Jagged outline of the Lake District on the horizon

Well groomed trail off to Garsdale Head

Looking down Dentdale

Recently upgraded Pennine Bridleway leading
down to the Arten Gill viaduct

Put it all together and it's hard to think of a reason to ever leave this spot

Fast forward some turkey and a South Pennines ride
(cheers Uncle John) and we have white stuff!

All that broke the silence was me
falling over on my arse

Why am I riding away from the pub?

Wild Boar Fell. Very grr!

The upper Eden valley, bathed in blue

Bike is being very photogenic today

No more daylight tokens left.
Time to go home and have a beer

Cavalry has arrived!
(Brief) picnic up on The Howgills

Leaving the Garburn Pass in the Lake District.
It's windy, cold, raining, and probably this way

The top! Yeah!
Where are we?

The sun came out eventually ... just before it set

Yadda yadda rainbow blah.
It's new years eve, let's get to the pub