T h e  L o s t  R i d i n g  V i d e o

Introduction by Garth Marenghi (ahem)

  Filmed and directed by the legendary Ben Fozard, this short production was made in the summer of 1995; and was way ahead of its time, as video cameras had yet to be invented. Two sweaty young men cycling down a hill in the Lake District, or a masterpiece of contemporary animated art? Nobody knows, even to this day. What we do know, is that the events on that day were entirely real to those who experienced them, and were in no way some kind of mass group hallucination. Or were they? No, they weren't. Watch and enjoy, my friends.

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This video didn't have an easy time getting here.

Recorded in 1995 on an analogue Sony 8mm handycam, it was then transferred to VHS and forgotten about. I found it again in 2003 and digitized it from VHS to MPG format, edited it down from 6 minutes to 4 ½ minutes, added a soundtrack (© Doves / EMI Records by the way), and out it popped in WMV format.

But in 2003 I didn't have enough web hosting space to upload it. So I burnt it to CD, gave copies to the camera man (Ben) and my fellow rider (Spud), and forgot about it again. Fast forward to 2006 and I now have more web hosting space than I can shake a hundred sticks at, so after a further conversion to work in a Flash player, here it is!