R i k ' s  N e w  B i k e

The stork has made its final delivery, the contractions are all over, and the world has a new baby Inbred.
There's a glint in its spokes and we'll have to keep an eye on it around the ladies, but maybe this could be the one that brings balance to The Force. Much potential in this one we see, path to the Dark Side follow it must not, mmmmmm.

The spec sheet reads:

Inbred DN6 frame and rigid fork from On One
Deore groupset from Merlin
Panaracer Fire XC Pro tyres on Mavic XC717 Disc rims
Magura Julies for stopping (180mm front, 160mm rear)
WTB Momentum headset, On One Twelfty seatpost + Inbred stem + Reetard bars
Constructed on a saturday afternoon with Pizza and BeerTM technology

Pics by my phone, which is thankfully better at being a phone than it is a camera

Mmm, gussets

No need for FM boots when you have FM tyres

Shiny cassette to go, shiny rotor to stop. Arrgh, the shine! My eyes!

One fingered stoppies anyone? After lunch maybe? Anyone?

Oops, fell over

Rik will commence Jedi training a.s.a.p. See you on the Endor trails.