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Oh Goody Goody Gosh!
It all started in the pub one evening (well these things tend to, right?) in 2001. I had been offered a long holiday from work, and Jonny wanted to take a long holiday from work - whether they liked it or not. New Zealand seemed like the perfect plan; come January we could leave behind our miserable winter, and arrive 36 hours later in the middle of someone elses summer. A reputation for awesome countryside, friendly locals, and the fact that they speak English(ish) just made us feel better about the price of the air fare.

So, on Dec 29th 2001, we packed our bikes into a cardboard box each, did a double check on the camping gear, and threw away the excess (we needed to be able to ride with everything). Then we hit the pub for a final pint, and headed for the airport (thanks Andy!). Here's how we spent January:

  • Part 1 (North Island)
  • Part 2 (South Island)
  • Part 3 (More South Island)

    I can't recommend NZ highly enough. Yes, the journey is long and expensive, and yes, you'll need to have at least 4 weeks spare to have a decent look around without rushing. But it's well worth it - go on, you know you want to (and send me a postcard)...