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15th - 18th June 2007

Having taken last year off, there was no excuse this time. So the usual suspects and a few of our friends gathered at the Channel Tunnel and popped out shortly afterwards in France. I think maybe Mark's front brake pads would have lasted the round trip if it wasn't for a few slow downs from a hundred and [cough!], but the sound of metal on metal prompted our first adventure - a fine tour of the many garages of Rouen. From there on we needed a beer.

Crossing the Seine on the hunt for Mecasport.
Nowhere else in Rouen sells Subaru brake pads it seems.

Skip 6 hours, new brake pads, some Leffe Blonde, and Rouen to Le Mans.
This is Mark. He's my neighbour!

Base camp at le camping Beausejour

In position at Arnage for the race start

The Arnage pub, not the Arnage corner. Durr!

But we'd better see some race today.
Cue distractions on the long walk up to the grandstands

The new Audi R8. I still don't like those headlights

Astons always looking good though

That's more like it! Proper  job!

Audi's new statement. Or "The Audi Penis" as Jon sees it

Ha ha! Yeah, I wish. A leaflet? Oh, no thanks.

Ah yes, the race. Ferrari vs ? vs Porsche

Audi TDI number 1 on the way to another victory

Aston Martins very popular in the LMGT1 class

A bit of Courage action

Hey I'm getting better at this. Ferrari F430GT


Meanwhile, back at camp, the food comes out to play

Munchy munchy, drinky drinky

drinky drinky, drinky drinky, and a fat cigar to finish

Stef's Cobra looking better than my morning-cigar-mouth is tasting

So back to the race for us

Steady lads!

The Danes are great

Distracted again - peeking inside a Spyker

You can't get better than a Kwikfit fitter

It's not just us having a bad summer

But we still had beer.
But it rained in our beer

Slowly does it

Pah! Very slowly does it

The British 007 Aston Martin finishes my soggy race photos

So to the beer tent!

Motley crew

Jon in beer-o-vision

We can't leave until this stops - them's the rules

New roooll! And lo, the loo roll game was invented

Hello Johan!

Hello Jane!

Once you pop, you can't stop

Bush tucker man

There was only ever one candidate for the Shrek transfer

Spanking chef Stef

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Disco time. At least I can't look stupid if we just play some Queen...
Thanks to Jane for the video

A quick spin? How about a rev-limited 4 wheel spin?!


You knows it!

Night falls. A quiet moment before...

...heading off to explore the night, and...

...finding a Danish karaoke tent!

DIY fireworks are popular

"We couldn't be bothered to take it down,
so we thought we'd just burn it" (not us!)

The beer bus. It's a bus, with a bar
and game over for us

"Beautiful Shrek!" people would say.
Shrek stayed on all day

See you next year

Not bad for an estate car with 3 people and camping stuff
(closed course, professional driver) (probably)

Tedious traffic, but lots of cross-car banter

Yes my friend. Next time.