L e  M a n s  2 4 h r  2 0 0 5

Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. June 16th - 19th. Le Mans, France.

If you've seen the 2004 pictures you'll know what happens next. A big drive South, followed by beer drinking and barbecues, fast cars, one 24hr motor race, and this year a record 230,000 visitors from across the world.

Thursday - The Big Drive Down

Leaving Dover. They still have some normal cars here.

In France, that's better. But Ferrari's are sooo common, darling.

The car in front is not a Toyota

A few hours further, and another fuel stop (of sorts) in Brionne

It is I, Leclerc!

Meanwhile, down at the campsite, these guys were just everywhere

Friday - Pre-Race Day

It's a bit like Tremors, but with sausages

But anyway. A Mitsubishi Paris-Dakar type jobby.

Peugeot's new 12 cylinder shopping runabout

A Corvette without clothes. How rude.

This is more like it. Tasty Aston Martin.

Or have they just raided the self-adhesive "tuning" section at Halfords?

You can have any car you like, so long as it's a silver Audi

Open day at the pit lane: popular.

The Kwik Fit work experience lads were easily confused

Yeah, this one's blown a valve seal, mate. Err, or was it that one?

So it can play music, send texts, watch movies,
but it can't finish a 24hr race for toffee!

Meanwhile, down at the campsite, Johan kept faithful watch.
For crickets. Probably.

Our camping neighbours. Later joined by Porsche, Ascari, Aston Martin.
But their tents were rubbish!

And so into Le Mans town centre "to watch the parade"

When autofocus goes wrong

About as close as we got to the parade

Man make tent, man make automobile, man build fire

Saturday - Race Day 1

Bread and cheese for breakfast?
Erm, maybe just bread then.


It's the rozzers after Jon again

But before the main race - the classic race

Fighting the steering

These guys kicked classic arse

Maybe he does, but it was nice of him
to bring a refrigerated beer truck from Denmark

Why, hello to you

Hmmm, anything eh?

D'oh! They've started!

Do try to put your foot down, old boy

United Astons

Bling wheels

Porsche engages hyperdrive to stay ahead of Ferrari

The one and only sparkling TVR

You can have the place back when we're finished

And lo there was darkness

Sunday - Race Day 2 and Home

Stare at the lights, get streaky retinas

Seriously blurry funfair and grandstands

Audi R8 3 cruising its way to overall victory

Corvette 64 blatting its way to GT1 class victory
using only low frequency sonic blast waves from the exhaust

Ooooh. Aaaaah.

But you'd get an Asbo for doing this at 2am in the UK

Raspy Ferrari's getting blurrier - must be time for some sleep

And lo there was light. Start/finish straight and grandstands.

Looking back to the Dunlop Bridge.

550 Maranello on its way to 13th

The TVR still lives! Placed 26th from 27 finishers

Wait for all 3 shift lights at 450rpm

Note to Aston Martin: Tap the fuel gauge occasionally next time

Take away the fence and this photo is a triumph I tell you!

Meanwhile, down at the campsite, it was time for us to leave


In the shade, scorchio!

In the sun, SCORCHIO!

Jon looks to progress the pace just before our solo breakaway.
Well, we only picked up a 90 euro fine.
Although that was going slowly.

Proper food for a change at the end the journey

Monday - Back to work

Trying out Stephen's compact and bijou Caterham

Hey, nice Pantera. Now where's that ferry...?

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