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December 2012 ... Hello, and welcome to the photo blog archive.

Things have been quiet here since 2008, so I've decided to retire this little collection, for now at least. In part, Facebook has taken over, and it does a better job than this. But then there was the getting a girlfriend, moving house, getting married, starting a family, moving house (again), and the commuting to and from London. I just don't have the spare time that I used to!

I'm still uploading mobile phone pictures every now and again. But otherwise, for the amusement of my future self, and friends who feature here, here's what we got up to in the olden days.

  • Baby Catherine Foz [August 2014]
          Uh oh! We made another one

  • Baby Daniel Foz [June - Dec 2012]
          One of the many little big reasons this site doesn't get updated any longer

  • Polaris Challenges [1996 - 2003]
          Re-discovered during a tidy-up, 2 day events riding bikes in the rain while carrying camping gear

  • The Auhof [February 2008]
          A little taste of the Austrian Alps

  • Caves and Dales [August 2007]
          Messing around above and below ground. Because you're worth it!

  • Alfa Romeo 147 GTA [July 2007]
          New car time. May as well buy something silly then

  • Le Mans 24hr motor race [June 2007]
          Carlsberg don't do 24hr car races. But if they did, they'd probably run out of beer

  • Building my new bike and First ride pics and analysis [April-June 2007]
          A particularly laid-back bike build. But it's finished, and it was worth the wait

  • Snowboarding in Sainte Foy Tarentaise [February 2007]
          Snow, scenery, and fizzy lager, scarily close to home in the French Alps

  • The original long lost mountain bike video [July 1995!]
          Amusing to me, quite possibly as dull as dishwater to you, from the time before everyone had suspension forks

  • Cycling/camping tour around South West Iceland [September 2006]
          The great outdoors, gravel roads, volcanoes, lava fields, beardy action, and way too much chocolate

  • Turning 30 in the Yorkshire Dales [July 2006]
          Mountain biking and walking, because I'm an old man

  • Banff Snowboarding II, Alberta, Canada [April 2006]
          Return to Banff, snowboarding, walks, and beer with the gang

  • Garsdale Christmas Rides & Walks [End 2005]
          Getting a lungful of fresh air Oop North

  • Rik's new bike [December 2005]
          Rik has a new baby and it's an Inbred

  • Google Earth vs My New Zealand Photos [December 2005]
          Virtual reality vs actual reality

  • Lake District walks from your armchair [October 2005]
          For when you want the views without the effort

  • Andy & Jo's wedding [September 2005]
  • Andy & Jo's wedding - alternative introduction

  • Le Mans 24hr motor race [June 2005]
          Vroom vrooms and beer - business as usual then

  • Lake Tahoe and San Francisco adventures, California, USA [March 2005]
          Snowboarding, Tahoe area walks, SF sights and Marin County cycling

  • Garsdale Christmas Walks [End 2004]
          Snowy scenes with the new camera beast

  • Peak District Ride [Nov 2004]
          Short and sweet mountain bike blast

  • Le Mans 24hr motor race [June 2004]
          Dust, petrol, and beer

  • Snowboarding at Banff, Alberta, Canada [February 2004]
          A triple dose of snow and mad face pulling

  • Snowboarding at Mammoth Lakes, California, USA [February 2003]
          Snowboarding above the desert, and a few pics from Los Angeles

  • Fozard family gathering in Edale [Winter 2003]
          Fresh air and booze in the Peak District

  • Cycling around New Zealand [January 2002]
          26 day account of the original cycling adventure

  • Unclassified photos [1995 onwards]
          Abandon all hope ye who enter here

  • Other stuff...

  • Sword Cycles
         Hand crafted bespoke bicycle frames

  • The Auhof
         Go see Austria!


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