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It's been a good long while since my last decent cycle touring holiday, so Jon and I arranged some time off work and went to the pub to decide where to go. After deciding on the Alps, we went back to the pub again and spoke to the Mystical Ale Fairy, who reminded us with frank honesty that we needed to go somewhere with smaller hills.

Jon had ridden in Eastern Iceland before, I hadn't been there at all (but liked the idea of a geology field trip), so we settled on Western Iceland. Thanks to budget airlines, Iceland is actually cheaper to get to than Southern France, with the added bonus that there are less French people there.

Clickety click click...

Part 1: Days 1 to 5    -    Part 2: Days 6 to 10    -    Part 3: Days 11 to 15
Speeding our way past Lake Thingvallavatn