C a v e s  &  D a l e s 

28/08/2007 - 31/08/2007

Ah, the joys of being unemployed (for 2 weeks anyway). What with all the late mornings, and daytime's finest episodes of DIY SOS and Bargain Hunt to endure, I only managed to get Oop North for 4 days of monkeying around. But the ever dependable Team Spud and Bill popped over to play at being unemployed too.

First off: a 2 day bivvy walk from Sedbergh, across the Howgills to a pub meal at Ravenstonedale, and back again.

It's snack o'clock below Cautley Crag

Tree of doom

To the pub my friends, the pub I say!

As the sun sets, it's back up into the hills for us

Waking up in the open air bedroom

Misty morning wilderness walking

Looks like I farted. I probably did.

Cool. We look like pros out here.

A scenic Smith & Jones moment

Downhill to sunshine and beer

Following that, cave search time!

Standing on a pillar of the community

It's geology o'clock below ... err ... a field

This one was a no-go

But this one was a go-er. Cave!

Inside the second chamber. It was blacker at the time.

Quick, to the next Bat Cave, Batman!

Hole in t'ground

Up on top, above Swaledale

Classic Dales

Cave! Well, funky underground stream anyway.

Nasty hobbitses! They takes the Precious!

One way down, no way back up