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Banff 2 - Return to Banff   "This time it's spring time"
Snowboarding and mini-adventures in and around Banff, Alberta, Canada. March 25th - April 8th 2006.

Snowboarding Photos

See the views, feel the speed, watch us sit down and strap on our boards!
Jump Photos

A separate baby section for the now obligatory jumps. We're starting to get better.
Out & About in Banff

An assortment of walks, fine food and drinking.
Johnston Canyon

This year, we will mostly be visiting ... Johnston Canyon.
Banff Gondola

An afternoon walk to the Sulphur Mountain gondola.

       This holiday was brought to you by:

       The word "Quack"
       The prefix "Hella-"
       The movie Zoolander
       The number 7

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