T h e  A u h o f

Rik knows some quality people. Among them are Des and family, who run the Auhof - sociable (family friendly) self-catering apartments in the village of Niederau, Austria. They let us stay for a few days on condition that if we had fun we would tell our friends about them. Well, we had fun :o)

February in the Alps can only mean one thing - skiing, snowboarding, hot tubs, and chilling out with beer. Which is of course four things if you're counting. So with Tahoe snowboarding looming (look out for another exciting installment soon), Rik and I got some practice in with our new friends.

OK views first. Rik! Stand there!

Right! Now stand there! Not bad for a "low level" resort

Afternoon hydration training with Auhof crew member Martin

Apartment balcony view

Hot tub: the Auhof. Beer: models own.

So which is scarier? The expression or the chest hair?

Buddy fuzz

Matt's nipple steals the show

The 'hof house

Gulliver secretly enjoyed treading on the little people

Hmm... summer mountain biking anyone?

Sun tans: get yours here

No one told me my beanie looked like a flat cap...

Hey stop looking at me funny :-p

The Niederau metropolis

Stars are cool
[actually they're very hot - science Ed]

If you're happy and you know it
lift your snowboard up

Bill & Ted's excellent monday morning adventure (it was too)