S a i n t e  F o y  S n o w b o a r d i n g  :  2 0 0 7

The annual winter festival - Upper Tarentaise Valley, Savoie, France. February 3rd - 17th 2007.

This year saw a change of venue from North America to the French / Italian border. Aiming for the scientifically optimal waking-hour ratios of 1/3 snowboarding + 1/3 blonde beer drinking + 1/3 pizza eating, I'd say we made a pretty good job of it.

Snowboarding Section

A particularly fine collection of action shots this year
Scenery Section

Turn off the telly, there's something better on outside
The Social Section

Drunk? Sober? Yes, I think so
Holiday Credits

The outro
Don't forget to bring a towel!

  L i n k s

Sainte Foy Station
Val d'Isère
Les Arcs