A l f a  R o m e o  1 4 7  G T A

July 2007

Yeah, there's been some interest on this one! I've swapped the 62bhp small Spanish blue car for a 250bhp small Italian red car. In true Alfa style it's a quirky beast. A turn of the key causes the on-board computer to notify you of all sorts of random failures before settling down to "Only joking, I think it's all working. Probably". So far it's only actually broken a sidelight.

It's got a leather interior, climate control, 10 CD Bose sound system, blah blah blah.
But this car is all about the engine - so here comes the science...
3.2 litre V6 quad cam 24 valve, 250bhp, 220lb ft, 6 speed. Add the actual car to get 153mph, 0-60 in 6s, and 185bhp/ton. All (very) optimistically sent to the front wheels, it sounds fearsome.

Here's The Beast after a wash and wax. Click pics to go bigger.

Yes, at the time of writing it is booked back in to the garage, even though I just had it serviced to the tune of Luxembourg's GDP. It needs a new oil cooler. Also the suspension squeaks, and the exhaust is all rusty. And no one can see me indicate from the front as the lights are under the front bumper. But hey it still looks cool, goes like stink, sounds like a lion, and frightens pensioners (they've as good as said it).